Friday, March 16, 2007

Care Of Feet

Nowadays, everyone likes to wear short dresses like skirts, minis, midis etc. The legs have to be pretty to show them off. To have nice legs you have to exercise daily to keep the flab off from thighs, calves and ankles. Only then do these dresses look nice on you and you'll be able to carry them off very well.

First, what you have to do is to defuzz your legs if you have unwanted hair. Waxing is the best. It slows down the growth of hair and exfoliating regularly with a pumice stone will make the growth slower.

At least once a week you have to give a foot bath, which is known as pedicure at the beauty parlours.

To prepare wax at home:

Take 250 grams of sugar and juice of 6 large lemons. Mix them together and heat it on a stove.
When it boils, simmer and gently keep stirring till the mix gets thicker and of a golden brown colour. Remove and let cool. Mix in 1 tablespoonful of glycerine to the mix. Syore in a closed container and refrigerate.
In summer the wax tends to get thinner if you keep it outside. So if you like hot wax just heat it slightly or keep the wax in the freezer for sometime and then use.

Daily before going to bath give a little oil massage to your feet. Then take your usual bath. Your feet will look fresh and clean.
Clean your toe nails regularly. Paint them with a nail polish and also see that the nail polish doesn't get chipped. Keep them looking pretty.

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