Wednesday, June 27, 2007

To Grow Your Hair

Growing hair is a very patient job. It takes at least three months to start seeing the results after you start to care for your hair.

It won't take very long for your hair to fall but to see it grow one has to have a lot of patience. But the end result will be the best you could ever have.

Hair extensions and transplanting are in some way or the other are hurting to the ego. If there is no other go then one can opt for that. If there is a little chance of getting real long hair then I would say go for it the natural way. You'll be proud of your hair and your achievement.

Hair growth is very slow. It'll grow at the rate of half an inch or more in a month i e about 6-8 " in a year. So you'll see the growth very late that is it'll take three months at least to show the result.

1. Look after your care nicely. You have to care for your hair . It should be clean, scrupulously squeaky clean. The hair should never feel greasy or sticky to the touch.
If you ever feel that your hair is sticky then you are late for your hair wash. You'll start seeing locks of hair on your comb. Oil massage and shampoo your hair before that happens.

2. Use mild herbal shampoos for that purpose. Make hair conditioner a habit or after bath when your hair is still damp apply a little oil on to your palms and just rub it into your hair. Finish off with the last rinse. Your hair will not have that dull look. It will shine with that little oil.

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