Sunday, December 7, 2008

Phones for the Rich - Luxury handsets

The normal and ordinary cells are seen everywhere and they are not considered luxury nowadays, they are more of a necessity now. So for the fashion world and the Rich these cells have lost their ultra snooty labels and have lost their charm

So the fashon houses are teaming up with the mobile brands to bring about the fashion phones for those fashion conscious rich people like Nokia, Samsung, LG and Motorola etc joing hands with Arte, Armani, Prada, Lamborghini etc. to bring about the best and the costliest of phones studded with gems.

Some recent phones I have tried to bring in here to your notice. You can see and know more about these phones ( that is if you want to ) at the India Review Channel.

Vertu Series

Vertu is one brand name you cannot afford to leave out when talking about the costliest of handsets meant only for the rich and is a luxury to have it with you.
Vertu had got their name from the finest of materials from the watch making, designing jewellery and automobiles and now they are into the mobile handsets making. Veru has come up with Monogram Constellation, vertu diamond, Vertu ascent etc.

Being tough and elegant, Vertu Ascent is made of ceramic, stainless steel, finished with hand-stitched leather and a durable Liquid metal alloy but it is a very simple, does not have any capabilities of normal and ordinary phones like sending picture messages or MMS, No blue tooth wireless connection etc. These phones have looks and style but have nothing going for them.

They have about 10 years of experience phones that are inspired by the flowing curvilinear designs of Art Noveau and the elegance of luxury travel.
There are 5 special editions brought out to commemorate their 10 year celebrations. They are vibrant pweter, green, red, blue and cerise monogrammed leather.

Asus Lambirghini ZXI

The two great names Asus and Lamborghini have come up together to create a masterpiece.
The Lamborghini car's versatile steering has been brought in to the 9 way highly manoeuvarable navigational keypad of this ZXImobile handset. The set is really tough and it is built with carbon fire which is twice as tough as aluminium. This handset of PDA ZXI comes with 2.8inch screen, and a unique racing user interface that can be modified to your mode of operation whether it is business or lifestyle complete with engine noises, the Lamborghini spirit is truly incorporated there in the ZXI.

Motorola Aura Uber - Deluxe

Motorola have collaborated with Dolce & Gabbana to market their RAZR phone in an all metal white gold finish, teamed up with Alexander Amosuto sell diamond studded motopure headsets.
having decided to make a luxury handset all by itself Motorola has made AURA with costliest minerals, sports an Uber- rich tag.
The display is a 1.55-inch one with 16 million colors and a 300 dpi resolution – a first for a circular mobile phone screen. The unique circular display is made of scratch resistent sapphire crystal and stainless steel housing. This has promised a different 'aura' to the already present rich and luxury phones.

Nokia 8800 Arte Range

Nokia was the first to enter the luxury handdsets marketwith its Arte and Sapphire Arte in its 8800 range. Sleek and elegant looks, black metal polish, leather panels crafted in dark tones and the beautiful overall finish with layers of protective coating makes the handset stunning and exquiste and ofcourse very very costly. On and above all of this the handset boasts of high technology including 3G and a 3.2 mp camera, to boot a rich and stunning OLED colorful display.

There are some more luxurious phones from the fashion houses themselves like Christian Dior. There are Motorola and Sony Ericsson and Vertu is an arm of Nokia have come out with mobiles ranging in lakhs of Rupees in India. They are looking for a name in the market but only some exclusive names who can carry them along graciously and elegantly. See here to know more details about these handsets

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