Saturday, March 14, 2009

How to React the Right Way

We have seen many quarrels in day to day life among friends, spouses and siblings. These will be petty ones which can come at any time in your life. One thing we always should remember is not to play blame games.

Yes, we tend to blame, whoever it may be, your spouse, your sister/brother or your friend for something which is not going right for you. Just think of some of the phrases you might have used which has always, ever, never, every time, nothing and the sentences go like this..
1. You are never on time
2. You never listen to what I tell you.
3. You always come late or make some excuse or the other.
4. Don't touch it, you are always breaking things when you touch them.
5. You are always careless in the work you do.
6. You never do anything I tell you to do.
and the worst of all
You never love me like you did earlier.

The retorts come for this but you will not like it. These are hurting to the listeners to hear these used in the general sense. Maybe once or twice they have gone wrong but it is not that they are doing that intentionally. So please take care of what you say to your spouse, siblings and friends. Try to avoid these over used expressions which hurt.

How to react to these expressions when you are the recipient

Just remember that the person loves you and is very much angry with you and is trying to vent the anger out.
Just remember to clear the problems if they can be cleared then and there. That is if you are late for a meeting make it a point to call the person and inform that you will be late. It is just not right to make the person wait just for your sake when the person might have lots of work to do.
Do not take offense and start blaming back with similar phrases.
Do not brood over the words as they might be given / said in anger without any meaning at all.
Chemical or burnt wounds scar only the skin tissues but a verbal tirade causes a deeper wound and settles down deeper refusing to heal. Everyone should remember all that and try to be understanding.
You can all tell me it is so nice to give advice others, you'll understand only when you are at the receiving end but I can tell you, I have always been at the receiving end and I should know how it hurts.

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