Friday, March 13, 2009

Spices in Your Kitchen

Yes.. Spices , that gives flavour and aroma to our cooking and increase the appetite of the people at home. Those warm cooking smells which emanate from the kitchen will make you feel at home and just wait for your food to come out of the kitchen to the table.

Many of us have been using the spices with or without knowing how it affects us. Too much of everything is not good, so we will just try and find what all are good and what all are bad to our stomachs.


Shahjeera or Kalajeera or Caraway seeds are one and the same but different names in different languages. It looks very similar to Black Jeera or Cumin Seeds but they are not the same.

Shahjeera belongs to the Garam Masala variety and not used in everyday cooking. It gives you a strong smell and may not be liked by all but a little shahjeera in Pulaos will go a long way in making it appetising.

They are mostly used in the Mughlai dishes and also in the European style of Cooking. For our typical Indian style this spice will not suit. That has been my experience.''

You can also try this out and see if you like this. It is said to aid digestion and prevent flatulence which we feel after eating oily and fried foods. Almost all the mughlai foods are laden with Ghee and other masalas and are high caloried for which if you add a little shahjeera in to the masala will help you in a big way.

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