Monday, April 27, 2009

Thulasi ( Holy Basil )

In India you can find Thulasi plants in the porch of each and every Hindu house. The plant is grown not only in homes but in all the Hindu temples and shrines in India. It is an aromatic perennial shrub but also grown as an annual herb in the temperate countries..
We know what all the herb Thulasi can do and help us out during our day to day life.
Leaves, flowers, stem , everything about the Thulasi plant is a remedy
1. Make it a habit of taking a mix of 1 teaspoon juice of Thulasi leaves with 1 teaspoon honey at least once daily. This will help you to resist the infections you face and will develop immunity. This juice if taken regularly will give your face a shine which you will not get from artificial cosmetics.
2. To free the hair from lice problems apply the juice into the hair and scalp and leave it overnight. Cover with a towel or a cap to keep your pillow clean.
If you can do this regularly for some weks your hair will be completely rid of Lice and its problems. if you find lice in small children's hair, you can spread thulasi leaves on the kid's pillow. This will also remove the problem if done regularly.
3. Thulasi leaves can cure almost all types of skin diseases and irritations. Grind some of the Thulasi leaves and apply on the infected part. Do it regularly and you will see improvement.
4. The fine smelling leaves and flowers, in the form of tincture, tea or decoction are considered to be a digestive aid and expectorant, used in treating coughs, bronchitis, skin diseases, and diarrhea.
The leaves if taken regularly are prophylactic against the negative effects of environmental toxins and act well against cholera, influenza, malaria. If it is taken with milk or juice it is an antioxidant rich in Calcium A & D Vitamins and nourishes our health.
These leaves clear almost all the problems even when other medicines fail. That's why there is a saying in Kerala, ' eating a thulasi leaf daily will keep you healthy and bright '

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