Friday, July 10, 2009

Home Made Wax for Hair Removal

Wax can be made at home and there is a very easy method for that. Why bother about going to the beauty parlour for that? If you have  microwave, sugar, honey , dark corn syrup ( optional ) and lime juice at home, you can make the wax easily at home.

Let me tell you the method.

Take a microwave safe bowl.put in a cup of sugar with 2 tbsp of honey. If you have dark corn syrup you can use that also or you can use a tablespoon more honey.
Keep it in high for 3-4 minutes till the sugar starts dissolving. Add the lime juice and mix it well stirring continuously. Keep it again in the microwave for about 5 minutes to get your home made wax ready with in 15 minutes. You have to let the wax cool a bit and then use.

How to use Homemade Wax:

You have to apply Talcum powder before you apply the wax. You have to apply the wax, with a butter knife or some other blunt knife or spatula, in the direction of the growth of hair. Then keep a wax strip on the top , press it down and then pull it in the opposite direction of the growth. Lo!! your unwanted hair is gone.


First you have to know how to wax and remove your hair by yourself. Get someone's help first preferably a beautician. It is actually very easy to do it on the stove top too but it is a little tedious.
This is a recipe from a friend of mine. So do please check it out if you are allergic or not. You have to use hygienic strips for removing hair with. Else you might get infections.


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