Monday, October 5, 2009

How to make a Perfect Paratha

Knead the dough as for the chappathies and keep aside for an hour.  Divide the dough as given in the recipe into uniform sized balls.

Triangular shaped layered  Parathas are the most common ones found in almost every household in India.
This is made by rolling the balls into a small circle first. Either apply ghee onto the circle or if you are counting calories sprinkle a little flour.

Fold the circle diametrically at the centre and then fold again to get a triangle.
Apply a little flour onto the flat surface where you will be shapping the parathas. Slowly with  light hands roll out the triangles into thin parathas.

Heat the griddle or the tava, keep the flame in the medium, put in one paratha and leave for about 25-30 seconds. as soon as it starts blistering on the top flip the paratha and cook the other side. Apply a little oil on the top ( preferably Ghee) . Remove from the tava and store one above the other, in an airtight casserole to keep them hot till you serve.

Note :
Serve with any spicy curry like Dal Makhni, , Ginger Chicken etc

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