Friday, November 13, 2009

Plantain Stems and their Health Benefits

About the Plantain Stem
Plantain stems are taken from the inner parts of the plantain tree after removing the outer layers which are greenish in colour. The inner stem which is used for cooking purposes is off white or creamish . Just like the fruits and leaves of the Plantain / Banana tree stem is also very useful.  
The stem is full of edible fiber helps to clear the wastage from our body smoothly and efficiently.

Uses and benefits of the Plantain stem
Plantain stem is  very good to be consumed if you have problems in : Obesity,  Urinary stones,  Ulcers, Burning sensation, Acidity, Diabetes, Bleeding disorders  and Menorrhagia

Properties associated with Plantain stem:
There are many who do not like plantain stems for their slightly bitter and astringent taste but the vegetable is very good for health
Natural diuretics helps in removal of excess fluids from the body and in treating of sciatica, lymphatic swelling, Pre menstrual syndrome, high blood pressure,  diluting and breaking down of kidney stones, gonorrhea and liver disorders.
Plantain stem is one such  natural diuretic.It helps to increase the urination and through that detoxifies our body. This stimulates the kidneys into better removal of uric acid also.  By helping the kidneys do their job cleanly the plantain stems help reduce high cholesterol levels and the astringent quality helps in blood coagulation.

How to get the stem ready for cooking
Choose the slender and tender plantain stem.
You have to clean the stem by first removing the outer portion of the stem. Take out the extra layers and keep the tender middle one.
Keep the stem in a horizontal position on the kitchen counter top or the table. Cut them with a sharp knife into thin round slices, slightly thicker than the way you slice potatoes for chips.   You can just remove the fiber you get from from the plantain stem with your index finger. You can twist the fibers you get with your index finger and later discard the fibres. We will not need them for cooking. 

Recipes with Plantain stem
1. Plantain stem / Vazhappindi Paruppu Curry
2. Plantain Stem - Cooked in Kerala Style
3. Plantain Stem Pachadi
4. Vazhappindi Payaru Thoran

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