Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mobile Phone Etiquettes

All of us love our mobile phones and we love to call and talk to others, send text messages and connect with our friends  and relatives,  listen to music and even do net surfing while travelling . We can do all these  but still, we are not supposed to misbehave or do mischief with these phones. We have a responsibility towards the society in which we live.
There are many, you can see in the public places like railway stations and bus stands, talking one to dozen about their party or  something about their personal matters, standing next to you, making themselves a nuisance. Don't you think so?
There are some points of Decorum to be followed while handling mobiles in public places. You have to strictly adhere to these points / regulations / instructions / rules or whatever they called.  They will be issued from time to time by the Government of India. If you don't then you can be punished for being a public nuisance.

1. First and the foremost is that your voice should be under control while talking on the mobile. and do not discuss personal matters at the public places .

2. Ring tones should not be loud enough to distract others. The tone should be kept in a low level and if needed vibrator can be used. That wouldn.t be annoying to others.

3. In public places where are too many people around it is better to have your mobile switched off or if needed can be put on vibrator / silent mode as per the instructions  given at the hospitals, temples and other places of worship, airplanes, trains, buses, auditorium, cinema halls and particularly when you are at the Petrol bunks.

4. You are not supposed to use mobiles while driving. If you are seen you might get punished by the traffic police. This is mainly for your safety and you are bever supposed to talk while you drive. You might lose concentration.

5. You should be considerate  to the people near you in public places  who are sitting or standing next to you. If you have to talk in a place like this, you have to move away from them so that they are not forced to listen to your conversation.

6. You are not supposed to take photographs with your mobile camera without permission.  or their knowledge. The Privacy of the person whom you are trying to photograph should be considered. You might as well get prosecuted for that.

7. You should not send private messages  and request the television channels  and ask them to scroll your messages on the screens of the televisions.

To see the original circular issued by the Minstry of Communications and IT of the Government of India see here

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