Friday, September 10, 2010

Diet During Pregnancy - what to eat and what not to eat during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very important period in a woman's life. She has to accommodate a new individual, who willgrow from a single cell to a miniature human being in just nine months with in her body. Her uterus will have to expand a thousand fold just to accommodate the foetus, with her breasts getting ready at the sametime for lactating the baby.
To accomplish all these there will be a lot of metabolic adjustments made in her body  and for that she will need nutrients.
The would be mother's body will need all the nutrients in the right time, in the right amounts and that too regularly over the period of the 9 months she is carrying the baby, only then she can be expected to bringforth a healthy off spring. There is a direct link between the mother's dietary intake with the health of the new born baby. This one fact makes the mother's diet and nutrition more important in all the aspects of the ante natal care.
Premature babies, low birthweight babies  and still births can be the result if there are defeciencies in the diet of the would be mother. the effects may continue even after the birth causing many more problems like stunted growthpoor IQ and immunity. Even if we try to correct it later it might become very difficult to correct the lag that had occured already, when the baby was in the mother's womb.  
So, please do look after yourself / your daughter / your wife,  and take proper diet , prevent malnutrition in the babies even before they are born. Let it not be the parents mistake that the child suffers after it is born.  See that you take good care of yourself before, during and after childbirth.

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