Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Malvani / Konkani Cuisine of India

Malvani Cuisine is also known as Konkani Cuisine. Malvan is a town in the sindhudurg District of the state of Karnataka.
This Malvani cuisine is prevalent in some parts of Goa as well as some northern parts of West Karnataka. Malvani cuisine is predominantly non vegetarian but they have  many tasty and delicious vegetarian dishes as well. Malvani cuisine has been influenced  by Maharashtrian and Goan cuisines which ingredients sometimes overlap in these dishes also.

Malvani cuisine used lots of coconut  in the shape of grated, dry grated, as coconut paste, fried adn ground coconut paste  and coconut milk extracts as well. many of their masalas contain usual red chillies, coriander, black pepper, Cumin seeds etc, they also use Kokum fresh and dried, tamarind and raw Mango  as well in their cuisines.
Malvani cuisine has a mix of spicy and less spicy dishes in their cuisine. You can find Konkanastha Brahmin style  dishes quite bland  and very tasty, without being
spicy.  They are not only  vegetarian dishes but taste heavenly too.

Fish dominates the scene in the Malvani cuisine  and the fiery red sea food curries  will not be acceptable to many but they are delicious.  They are somewhat similar to south indian cuisine  and the Goan cuisine.
Sol Kadi is a appetizer drink pink coloured which is made from the kokum fruit and coconut milk. This is usually drunk especially  after a hot and spice Konkani / Malvani meal  and it is very very soothing.

Some of the dishes are Kombdi vade, Mori Masala, Sol Kadhi, Bangda Fry, Malvani Mutton Curry, Bombil fry, Kavda Curry, Paplet saar, Phanasachi Bhaji, Kaju Chi Amti, Fish Koliwada,

Kombdi Vade is a combination dish with Malvani Chicken Curry  and Vade is a fluffy, fried  puri like bread made of wheat and nachni flour along with  onion, lemon and solkadhi (a drink made from coconut milk).

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