Thursday, November 11, 2010

Food Cravings During Pregnancy

Food Cravings during pregnancy
Some Pregnant women develop special cravings for some types of foods like pickles, chocolates, raw mangoes, mashed potatoes etc. Some even  have a strong desire to eat inedible things like chalk, ash, mud, clay etc but  these should not be encouraged.  These  inedible things can prove to be dangerous for the baby and  the mother  as well. The causes  for this type of craving are not really known.  It is said and believed that these  are due to lack of some nutrients or the hormonal changes  in the body.

What to do when you have constipation during Pregnancy?
For those who have severe constipation during pregnancy , can go in for a diet of green leafy vegetables , which will give you a high roughage diet.  You can have fruits and vegetables as salads. You also have to take plenty of fluids to help out in digestion, as lack of fluids  can get you constipation. Start taking fruits instead of fruit juices so that you have high fibre content.

What to do about the Heartburns during Pregnancy?
For some of the Pregnant women, severe Heart burns are the problem  Heart burn will be relieved by taking small and frequent meals and eating about 2 hours before going to bed in the night. Avoid spicy and oily food and take less of stimulating drinks like Tea / coffee. Cold milk and other bland foods help alleviate the problem.

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