Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to keep the Refrigerator clean?

You have to keep the refrigertor clean, neat and tidy for the refrigerator to work prop and follows the advice strictly. erly.  First of all you have to divide the space available in the refrigerator in to different zones  for the items you want to store.  Juices, left overs, snacks, vegetables and other ingredients needed for preparing the meals  etc.  You have to make sure that ll your family members also know the space provided  and use them correctly to keep the refrigerator clean  at all times.

While deciding your special zones in the refrigerator make it a point to put in the things usually handled by your family members easily reachable and the place gets maintained. The items you need for the day should be kept in a place where it is easily reachable.
While storing cooked meats always keep them in the bottom shelf to avoid contamination of the other foods stored in the refrigerator. Similarly do not keep easily perishable items like milk and eggs on the door of the rfrigerator  as this is the least cold area of the refrigerator and can get easily exposed to the out side air.

Invest in square and rectangular shaped  air tight containers to store food items  as they are easily stackable and also fit easily along the wall.
It would be best to use the first in first out rule to avoid cramming the refrigerator as well as the food going waste. Throw out the food which have been cooked 3 days before as they will not fit for consuming.
It would be best if you could do the clearing part before you go for shopping. Note the items needed for the week, for the month and the items to be used immediately etc., just discard the unwanted and cannot be used items.
If you can group the similar items together it will be easy for you as you would not need to search the whole refrigerator when you need an item urgently.
Wash, dry and then store the vegetables before storing them in the refrigerators.  You can also cut the bigger ones into smaller pieces like Cabbage, Cauliflower,  and the gourds but then you will have to use them fast. will not be able to store for alonger period of you cut them up. Chop the roots of the greens and then store them in a zip lock.

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