Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fruit Packs

Almost for all the type of skins, fruit packs can be used. Since they are got from the mother nature you can use them. You can use most of the fruits available as fruit packs.

Grapes pack: Mash grapes into a pulp. Take the equal amounts of the grapes pulp and honey and make a paste. Apply the paste onto the face and the neck area. Leave it for 15 minutes. Either clean it off with a wet sponge / cotton wool or wash your face off with plain water.

Cucumber: Cucumber is an excellant relaxing pack for summer. Just grate the cucumber and mix it either with rose water or a little plain water. Apply onto your face and the neck area. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it off with water.
At the same time place a slice of cucumber on your eyes to freshen up your eyes. It'll also help remove the dark circles if any.

Tomatoes: Mashed tomatoes are used with or without milk as packs for oily skin.

Carrots: Cooked and mashed carrots are very good for any skin. They can be mixed with curds and lime juice to give you a freshen up look.

Mint: Crushed mint leaves can be used for acne and pimples. This mixed with rose water or milk and can be used for oily skin to control acne and pimples.
Crushed mint can also be mixed with multani mitti and used as a face pack for oily skin.

Bananas: Crushed bananas or blended bananas make a very good face pack for the aging skin. You can mix the banana with egg white and lime juice. It lightens the skin blemishes and spots and also closes the pores.

Apples: Mash some apple pieces and mix them with honey. Apply onto your face for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

Thes packs can be mixed with multani mitti ( fuller's earth) for oily skins. for dry to normal skins you can use them as it is or use with Besan ( gram flour).

If you do not have time for natural fruit packs you can get what is available in the market under various brands.

Jovees WildFruit Enzymes Pack
Rejuvenating Fruit Pack
Biotique Fruit Pack
Shanaz Diamond Mask

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