Thursday, March 29, 2007

Feet and Hands Scrub

Keeping your feet clean and pretty takes a longtime. It is very ugly to see the cracks and dead skin on your feet.
Mix coconut oil, lime juice in equal parts and apply on your feet. Massage it well into the skin and leave it for five minutes.
Then add sugar to the remaining mix and scrub your feet thoroughly paying attention to the dirt prone areas, like, between toes and cracks on the soles of feet
Wash it off after scrubbing and apply hand lotion.
If you can do that regularly (at least once a week), you'll have beautiful feet which you can show off.

For hands also you can use the same method. When you do your household work at home, no one likes to wear gloves which are irritating. I myself don't do it.
Instead what we can do is to apply oil, which is always in the kitchen, as soon as you finish washing and cleaning.
Apply a little oil onto your hands , massage it well. Since your hands are damp, the oil penetrates quickly and gets absorbed nicely.
Once a week do the above mentioned scrub and remove the dead skin and calluses which might form.
Your hands will also look pretty.

For your nails:

Apply a little coconut / olive oil, massage it well into the nails and clean the cuticles regularly.
You can do this whenever you do oil massage to your hands. Your nails will look transparent and with a healthy pink colour.

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