Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Split Ends

Split ends are the result of negligence. When you neglect caring for your hair, it'll end up getting dry and brittle.
Lack of oil massaging and brushing will do this to your hair.
Split ends will not just stop with the ends of hair, it climbs up the shaft spoiling the hair follicle itself.
The only way to prevent this from happening is caring for the hair properly.
You have to do oil massaging, combing the hair after massage with the wide toothed comb, till the oil reaches the ends of hair.
Tie the hair up in a bun and one hour later shampoo your hair.
Do not comb wet hair. That's another reason for split hair.
The only treatment available for split ends is trimming . You cannot avoid trimming your hair at all. Just trim your hair once in three months till the splits vanish completely.

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