Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hair Growth

To grow the hair, apply either unboiled cow's milk or coconut milk . Leave it for half an hour atleast and then have your shampoo.
If you can do this twice a week you can see the results after three months.
You have to give oil massage to the hair regularly.
Apply warm coconut oil to the scalp and the roots of hair. To do that part your hair little by little and dab warm oil into the partings.
Slowly massage with gentle circular motions through out the scalp. Do not scratch at it. you'll hurt your hair follicles.
After finishing the massage tie hot towels dipped in hot water and excess water squeezed out. When the towel gets cold change it. Likewise change towels three times. Tie up your hair in a bun and leave it for an hour or atleast half an hour. Then shampoo your hair.
You'll start seeing the results after three months.

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