Sunday, April 1, 2007

Dark circles around eyes

Dos and Don't for Dark Circles under eyes
You should not strain your eyes for long periods when you are doing close visual concentration like computers, embroidery and stitching, sewing etc or any handicraft thing for that matter.
Lack of sleep, eye strain, heavy duty work, lack of nutrition are the usual reasons for the dark circles.
Illnesses and other diseases like anaemia etc can also be the reason for dark circles around eyes.
To prevent the dark circles you have to sleep for at least 8 hours a day.
You have to take rest or at least palm your eyes for 5-10 minutes of you work for an hour or two. You should not feel the eye strain.
Any handicraft thing you are doing , like painting or stitching or anyother work will strain your eyes.
You can apply cucumber slices on your eyes and rest for a while or grated cucumber can also be kept in a muslin cloth and massaged over the eyes for 10 minutes.

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Apply almond oil daily before going to bed. You can wash it off in the morning.

Nature Cure for Dark Circles under eyes
In the morning when you wash your face splash water onto your eyes at least 10 times. your eyes will freshen up.
Apply grated potato in a muslin cloth over the eyes to bleach the area. You have to be careful to see, that the pack does not get into the eyes.
You can also apply castor oil under the eyes. Always remember to apply oily creams under the eyes, Do not apply lotions and other water based items. They'll puff up your eyes.
You can do the samethings to avoid puffiness of the eyes. with all these you can keep ice cubes packed in a muslin cloth over your eyes.
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