Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sudden Hairloss - Reasons & Remedies

Now, I saw from my own experience how split ends are formed.

1. Tying up one's hair without it drying up completely .
2. Riding in the bike without proper hair conditioner or atleast oil.
3. Cool dry draft of air from the airconditioner, directly onto your hair.
4. Exposure in the sun without protection.

All these will cause dryness to one's hair. It gets brittle and the hairloss starts from there. It is a sudden occurrence, not like after illness.
But you can remedy this soon. Just care for your hair as you would for your face, while going out. While riding a bike wear a scarf to cover your hair. Do not leave it loose.
Plait it if you have long hair. Otherwise you can pin it up and cover with a scarf. Apply hair conditioner like Livon daily after wetting your hair slightly.

Always see to it that the draft of cool dry air from the air conditioner , does hit you directly from the back. Your hair suffers dryness and gets brittle. So apply Livon thoroughly well before that if you have to sit by it.

Never go in the sun without a hat / cap / umbrella. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water , as much as you can during summer. Your skin and hair will need that water to keep itself cool.

Suddenly I had to go out regularly in the sun and I learnt all these from experience. If any doubts, you are welcome to ask me. I'll try to answer as much as I can.

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