Monday, September 29, 2008


Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device plug-in for bringing out the next generation of .Net based media experiences and rich inter active applications for the web.
Designers and Developers can collaborate more effectively by using Expression Studio and Visual Studio skills they have, for a better future, in the web.
If you can download and install
Silverlight you can browse customer applications by categories, countries, tag clouds and search items all by yourself.
Silverlight uses XAML. XAML is text based and can be output using a simple XML object. No need to buy special libraries to write files. No need to write your own libraries. Just put the text to a file and you’re done. It is easily the type of thing that can be debugged and finished in an afternoon.
WPF/E lets you embed true type font information directly into your projects and download that information with the downloader object. You would not have to change or handle anything in that by yourself. It just takes care of everything.
You will be using formats that people are more likely to be able to encode themselves but Microsoft provides your products with SDKs if you want to do encoding yourself.
The best part of
Silverlight is that it is not only easier to work with but cheaper in the long run.
For example, let’s say you are creating a tool that outputs rich media quizzes.
With Silverlight / .NET, the same entity classes you use to deal with results in the player could be reused on the server side. With Flash, you’d have to write all that logic 2x and keep it in sync as your tool changes. You can use the same tools which you use on a day to day basis to create the Silverlight Content.
Visual Studio .Net is by far the best and powerful IDE, you can have all the code needed for the server components, the authoring components and the run time player components inside the project.
You would not need any other special skills. Any Developer or a designer can contribute easily to any part of your application.
Silverlight supports the WPF animation model, It is time based and not frame based. It lets you define the start and end conditions and it will calculate and do everything for you. You do not have
to deal with matrixes. No need to calculate positions on various frames. Silverlight just does everything for you.

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