Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Colourful Spread of Dolls

Come September / October, Chennai gets flooded with Dolls of different colours, sizes and shapes.
They are so beautiful that I would love to bring all those to my home. 

These Doll exhibitions are conducted by governemnt run showrooms like Poompuhar, Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan and Kuralagam through out the month of Navarathri. The idea behind these exhibitions is to encourage the artisans who have been making and selling Dolls for their livelihood.
This is the one and only time in Chennai when people buy dolls for their Kolu festival. 

This festival is held for nine days when ladies and children get to gether and arrange Dolls in steps and decorate their homes.  these Dolls are made of papier Mache , mud, porcelain, clay from the Ganges, wood and also of brass and marble. This time a new material has been developed from fibre. These fibre dolls are unbreakable and durable too. The products come in from in  and around Tamil Nadu. Some come from Kolkatta, kolapur, Jaipur and other places from the North also. 

The artisans are immensely benefitted from these exhibitions. They also have an array of handicrafted items which can be given as gifts  for the Diwali and the Christmas & Newyear seasons. 

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