Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beauty Care & Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil, Coconut Oil and Coconut Oil .... Yes, No one ever thinks of the humble Coconut Oil, which is the best remedy for all the skin and hair care problems. It has been like that for a long time, our anchestors did not have any of the beauty care products which we have now. They had oils, oil massages for the hair and the body and that was the only care they gave in those days.
Coconut oil in the beauty regimen:
1. For hair care, warm coconut oil witha few peppercorns thrown in, if you like. Massage that warm oil in to the scalp and hair till the ends liberally. If it is summer you can leave it overnight but in the winter wash it off after an hour. No problem, if you do not want to use home made Shikakai you can use any herbal shampoo you like. Oil will keep your head cool, regular massaging like this will prevent dandruff. You will not any conditioner after that. Your hair will start shining soon.
2. For dry and chapped lips apply coconut oil liberally in the night before going to bed. If you do not like to leave it overnight just clean it off with an old soft cloth.
3. Instead of winter care lotion adda drop of coconut oil into the last rinse. Your body will get the type of softness you wanted always. For the hands and cracked feet apply a mixture of coconut oil and petroleum jelly liberally. You can always be proud of your hands.
4. Add a spoonful coconut oil into the face pack and mix well. The oil will leave your skin soft and shining.
The anti microbial properties of coconut oil will help the skin look beautiful and healthy.
Always remember that cocnut oil has medicinal properties. It cools and soothes the head and provides stress relief. Dry skin problems can be solved with the help of coconut oil. Keratosis Pilaris which affects as a bumpy skin will be helped by coconut oil. But for this treatment regular use of coconut oil should be there.
Regular body bath with coconut oil will clear the skin of all the problems and make your skin shine and glow.
For best results avoid refined varieties of coconut oil, these are bleached, deodorised and refined. So you should always remember to use the unrefined coconut oil, since the refined varieties filters away most of the medicinal properties of coconut oil.

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