Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Apple iPod classic 160GB MP3 Player - Silver

This Apple ipod classic is the revamped model of Video ipod or the fifth generation ipod.
This ipod classic is available in 80 GB and 160 GB versions, that too in two different colours Black and Silver.
This silver ipod classic has a slim design but is slightly thicker than the 80 GB version, style stainless steel finish, 40hr playing time. Additional features you can find in this i pod are extra long battery life (40 hours for music, maybe about 7or 8 hours for video).
This has got a huge hard drive for you to be able to store and listen to music audiobooks, podcasts, and movies in a compact, portable package. This is a boon to the music lover who wants to carry music wherever one goes. This i pod does not need recharge as often as a mobile
does, so for the frequent travelers who tend to forget their chargers, this will actually be a blessing in disguise.
There are only some minor changes from their earlier models, like the anodized-aluminum faceplate now replaces the glossy, all-plastic facade.
The menu has been improved dramatically and one of the most beautiful and striking changes is a a split-screen main menu that displays the selections on the right half of the screen and a picture related to the selection on the left. This effect can be seen on all menu items such as movies, podcasts, and photos etc.
There are no changes for the support for video and music playback, as well as photos, podcasts, and video games. The iPod Classic supports H.264 or MPEG-4 video in MOV, MP4, or M4V file formats, with a maximum resolution of 640x480 at as much as 30 frames per second.
The Apple ipod Classic supports many of the video features we look for in portable video players, like it does a great job of resuming video playback at the point at which you had paused or stopped.

Apple have placed the shuffle setting options (Shuffle Song, Shuffle Album, or Shuffle Off) in a song's Now Playing window, and is giving you the ability to randomize songs until you find your favourite artist, it is like a dream come true.
Apple has bundled three video games into both the iPod Classic and the Nano, for us to be able to spend our leisure time in a better way.
The iPod Classic allows for manually adding and deleting music and video files without the hassles of playlist syncing and can also be used as a USB hard drive in a pinch.

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