Thursday, October 23, 2008


Exfoliation should be done regularly to get a smooth and silky skin. Exfoliating the skin frees the skin surface off its dead cells and prepares for the fresh one to emerge.
For the oily skins, exfoliation helps the dead cells to fall off, without letting it to clog the pores of the skin..
For the dry skin, it helps to clear up the skin by removing the flaky and dull cells.
When we get older our skins tend to slow down the renewal process. The dead cells collects up not letting the new cell form. These problems can be and are cleared with exfoliation.

There are two types of exfoliation. They are: 1. manual and 2. chemical exfoliations.

Manual Exfoliation involves the method of using abrasive products, which are available in the markets ie, silk mitts, wash cloths, loofahs and body scrubs.

Soft body brush or loofahs can be used for dry exfoliation.This type really rejuvenates the person who is doing it. It helps in detoxifying the body by improving the circulation and removes the tardiness and the puffiness. The gentle pressure by which we do this type of exfoliation helps in calming ones nerves and relaxes you and gives you confidence in yourself.

Slowly start scrubbing / brushing from the feet to the upper part of the body, in short circular motions.Apply very gentle pressure, avoid broken skin and the areas where the skin surface is very thin like the the inner thighs.

After you finish the thighs go up to your arms and then your body in the same way. Once you finish your scrubbing wash off and take your bath as usual.

For the face use a soft exfoliator like Besan / Gram flour or else get a readymade exfoliators like Everyuth walnut scrub or Himalayas scrub etc. If you can use it with a little kasturi turmeric powder, it would be the best to clear the blackheads and the suntan too.

Take small portion of the scrub and gently massage it onto the moist skin . If you have an oily skin do it 2-3 times a week . otherwise once a week should be enough.

Chemical Exfoliation is less irritating and less damaging than the manual ones. They are prescribed by the dermatologists or the beauticians. It contains alpha hydroxyl acids and beta hydroxyl acids.

It is better to go to a beauty parlour to do this. It is not safe enough to do at home by yourself.
Once a month you have to visit the parlour for the peel.

You can also use some of the scrubs from the brands which are available in the shops but always remember to use toner and moisturizer after that.

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