Friday, January 30, 2009

Deal with Stress

Stress, this stress affects ones life that too a woman's life, in a myriad number of ways. Missing maid, late for work, Boss mad, traffic jams and getting late for the office, irritating quarrels with near and dear ones, kids driving you to nuts, etc etc. there are lots more reasons for getting the stress related problems.

Nowadays it gets very difficult to be a perfect wife / spouse / mother etc, for a woman and along with be a good manager or an employee at the office. It would be very difficult to fit in all these roles and still not get stressed up.I have seen it all in my life too.

So, the main thing that gets affected is one's eating and sleeping time. That's the worst situation for stress related problems. Add to this, bringing and eating junk foods to save cooking time and energy, plus lack of exercise makes the situation worse.

If you can follow some of these tips you can try and avoid stress to a great extent. For that you have to recognise the symptoms of stress when you have one. If you do not accept the problem you cannnot correct / cure it.

Yoga and relaxation techniques, like deep breathing, massage, aroma therapy help everyone to control stress. Physical activities will help you relax. It can be done with kids, pets , exercise, chatting with friends etc. You should have a hobby at least to help you unwind after a day's work. Music is one such activity. You can listen while you work, you can sing along even if you have a coarse voice, don't worry, there are many worse than you.

First you have to learn to say 'No' to all the unreasonable demands which one hears from relatives and friends and mostly from Colleagues, as you cannot always be a perfect person. You are not a machine and they should also recognise it. You cannot make everyone happy. Accept your shortcomings and work accordingly. Learn to accept your limitations, of what you have achieved and don't try to overwork yourself to keep up with others.

Rest is important.Have enough rest and sleep at least 8 hours a day. If you work in the computer take your eyes off for an interval, do something else without looking at the monitor. Palm your eyes every now and then.

Whatever the stress related problem is due to, there can be lots of reasons. Try to relax and get that out of your system. If it is not in our hands pray, that will help you solve
everything. You'll be calmer than how you had started off with.

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