Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby and solid food

All the babies are same , you might think.. But no.. that is a wrong notion. Each baby differs from the other in the characteristics. Children who are 3-4 months usually will be ready for solid foods but not all. You have to watch if the baby has the tongue thrusting habit. The habit forms when they are born just to prevent choking from any unwanted material put into their mouths.

When the tongue thrust decreases the baby is ready for solid food. Till then you can give pureed fruits and vegetables with breast feeding. If the baby gets up in the night demanding feeds then the baby is going through a growing spurt which usually happens when the baby is around 3 months old.

With this getting up and demanding food and the fact that the tongue thrust also is missing, means baby is ready for solid food. You need not depend upon the over the counter processed baby food. Just get the food ready at home which will be tastier and healthier and the growth of the baby will be complete.

I am planning to add more and more baby care food recipes . Keep watching for more..

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