Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mixers and Grinders

We, the womenfolk, feel the stress and strain in our life through cleaning, washing and cooking for all the people at home. This she does along with the career at Office, business or a work at home job. These tasks need more than 24 hours in a day.
One is always busy in the kitchen cooking the three main meals and umpteen number of snacks for the kids. guests and other elders at home. There have been many inventions in the home appliances sector to help the woman, one such appliance is Food Processor.
Women have to go through mixing, blending, chopping, kneading, grinding etc while she is cooking. These food processors make ones life easy by doing most of these work , so that she can have a little free time at hand. They are a boon to the home makers of the present days who juggle both career and home.
Better than mixers and blenders, Food Processor can help with a variety of tasks she has to do. It helps her to knead flour for rotis / chapathies, grind batter for Idlis and dosas, chops vegetables for the meals, gets you all the masalas needed in a jiffy so that you can meet your demands at home.
The food processor you get should have at least1.4 litres as capacity but if you can afford it would be better for you to go in for a more capacity and a multi taskable one. It would also be better to go in for stainless steel blades since they are durable. Plastic ones might break or chip soon. If the food processor you get has a blender too with that, it would be better since you need not get a mixer or a blender separately.
As far as I know, Sumeet is a very old and famous brand which has been making home appliances, like Food processors, Mixers and Grinders etc.
In the recent times there are many new brands like Phillips, Jaipan, Kanchan, Bajaj , Rico, Kenwood, Kenstar and many more. Always check the guarantee / warranty card which comes with the processor, for it might vary from brand to brand.
Always look out for the products and the various needs of your family's food requirements. I am giving you some examples of the food processors available in the market. If you want to know more about these visit India Review Channel.
While cleaning a food processor you have to be very careful for you can hurt your hand / fingers easily. You have to make sure that you can dismantle all the small parts, so that you can remove remnants of food suck in them.
You need not soak the blades in water, just wipe them with a soft cloth and keep aside.The other removable parts can be washed with a mild detergent, in running water.Some of these brand processors can also be washed in the dishwasher but do please check it out before buying..
Wipe the base / motor with a damp cloth. Neither immerse them in the water nor wash them in the running water. They will be spoiled. For stubborn stains just use baking soda paste or a a little mild soap and cloth. Reassemble the set as soon as it has dried up and place on the counter top if you use it regularly

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