Thursday, April 9, 2009

Eat Nuts for a Healthy Life

All of us are seemed to be scared of nuts, peanuts, cashew nuts, almonds ... the list goes on and on. No Don't ever avoid nuts. As you think, it does not make you a fatty ( but it does make you one if you keep on munching while watching television serial or a movie or a tense cricket match). If taken properly and in correct amounts, it actually helps to maintain your health.

They are rich in calories but the fat they contain is not as harmful as the other high calorie foods. A few roasted peanuts or cashews added to the salad will keep you satisfied even with a small meal. We take time to chew the nuts and so a little of it will satisfy you but do not take salted or fried nuts. They will make you eat lots and then you suffer...

Peanuts, Cashews, walnuts and almonds are rich in poly unsaturated fats and really help in lowering LDL that is the bad cholestrol and with that total cholestrol levels. Nuts are a rich source of Vitamin E, proteins, dietary fibre and anit oxidants which gives you resistence to cardio vascular problems and cancer.

You have to cultivate good habits of eating to be able to manage nuts .

1. Do not eat or munch anything while watching television. Watching for the food you eat while engrossed in a match, a tense movie or while doing some interesting task.
2. Eating plain nuts while drinking Beer is also very good because it slows the absorption of alcohol in the stomach.
3. Take small portions of nuts or buy small packets if possible. Large portions will make you fat.
4. Never eat salted or fried nuts. You will not be able to stop with small amounts. Salt and oil will get into trouble with blood pressure and cholestrol..

Just sprinkle chopped nuts over the salad of green vegetables. That is the best way of eating nuts and that helps you to get only the good points from the nuts.

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