Friday, April 3, 2009

Washing Machines

In the olden days we have all been washing clothes by hand, either by beating the clothes on a stone and spend lots of time cleaning them. Then came the washing Machines.This wonder machine for washing clothes changed the life of most housewives in the world. Before that all had to wash clothes with their hands and spend hours for that.

Now they have varieties of machines doing this job for them. Not all can afford to have a machine to wash for them but those who can, can select which type they want to have, top loaders , front loaders etc. They have different types of washing methods, like agitator, pulsator, tumble, turbo drum and pulgitator.

Types of washing Machines:

In the agitators, the clothes are put in by lifting the top of the machine and they are also called as Top loaders. A cone shaped agitator is mounted at the centre of the wash basket fixed to the bottom of the machine. When the pulsator rotates it is continuously reverses the direction. This imitates the movement of the hands while washing the clothes. The pulsator keeps the clothes moving through the time it gets washed and rinsed.

In the Tumble wash method, the clothes are put through the front door and the wash basket itself revolves to tumble the clothes and gives you a good wash. This method gives you the feeling the clothes which were beaten on the stone and got washed in the olden days

You have automatic and semi automatic machines also. Automatic machines do everything needed at the touch of the button. Some models even get the clothes dry enough for pressing the clothes directly. The semi automatic ones will need help. One should be there to adjust the water levels, change clothes from the wash basket to the spinner basket etc.

Nowadays most of the companies bring out these home appliances, like IFB, LG, Godrej, Electrolux, Haier, Hitachi, Kenstar, Onida, Panasonic , Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Siemens, Toshiba, Videocon and Whirlpool.

There you will get to know all about washing machines, brand names, their details and descriptions, price and reviews etc. For example I am giving you some links too but you can see more of them there at IndiaReviewChannel.

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