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Nandhan Farms - a farm resort

Sindhudurg is located in the Konkan belt which stretches for about 128 km of the total 720km along the western coastline of India.
The borders of the region lies with Sahayadri Mountains in the east, the Arabian Sea in the west, Ratnagiri district in the North and the state of Goa in the south.

Homestays in Sindhudurg gives you a different experience in life altogether. One would love to runaway from the humdrum of daily grind to a place a little far off but gives you something completely different.
Culture Aangan has created a network of homes in Sindhudurg, which have specially designated rooms and bath facilities. The maintenance and the food are provided by the hosts, in this case they are Amruta Padgaonkar and Ashish Padgaonkar at Nandhan Farms.

The location of this Nandhan farms is at Post Charate, near Chiwar Tekdi, Sawantwadi, southern region bordering Goa and the closest railway station will be Sawantwadi.
A silent retreat and a perfect place to unwind oneself. This farm house is set amidst an agricultural farm, situated very much away from the hustle bustle of the city life. Yes, this is a paradise in this area. Farm House, complete with mud walls, and terracotta tiled roof, has been renovated slightly, without removing the rustic looks a farm should have, with the modern amenities of a toilet and bathroom with hot and cold water.

When you enter the farm house you will start finding out how a typical Indian housewife rules over and is the pivot of the household. The daily rituals of morning pooja and the lighting of the lamp, followed by the fragrance sticks, offering of the flowers and how the Pooja room is sanctum sanctorum of an Indian household. You will also find out other small small habits which make an Indian house different like not wearing slippers at home.

The kitchen is kept separate and set aside just like the houses in the olden days. Food is served in the typical Indian style either seated on the mat spread on the floor or in the lawns in a table and chair.
Fruits and vegetables used for serving is grown in the farms itself. If you have any special requests or allergies you can mention it to the hosts who will plan the menu accordingly.

'Sol kaddi' is a coconut cream based digestive made with 'kokum' a locally grown tangy berry and is an essential accompaniment.
This neutralizes all the spices and the heaviness of the hearty meal. There is another drink available with Kokum, Kokum fruit extract, combined with sugar and then diluted in water or soda.
This extract is used as a thirst quencher in the hot summers.

Most homes offer only vegetarian foods on Mondays and Thursdays. Vegetarian fare will be the best since all the vegetables used are grown in the farms and delicately spiced.

Seafood is always available here very fresh, be it crabs, prawns, or the local bangda (Kingfish. Chicken vade saguti is also a local favorite, which is made of the succulent pieces of chicken marinated in freshly ground masalas and cooked till tender. This gravy is served with Vade which is similar to a thick puri or Indian bread.

The room tariff will differ from place to place in the Cultural Angan homes. It ranges from Rs.1800 - 5000. Tariffs include room rent on a twin sharing basis and all meals for the day unless specified otherwise.

How to reach Sindhudurg

By air: Dabholim is the nearest airport in the state of Goa about 150 kms.

By rail: Konkan railway from Mumbai in the direction of Goa.Vaibhavwadi, Kankavli, Sindhudurg or Oras, Kudal and Sawantwadi are the major railway stations in Sindhudurg district.

By road: You can also reach Sindhudurg from most of the major cities, 500km from Mumbai, on NH -17 via Mahad and Chiplun, 150km from Ratnagiri, on NH-17 on Mumbai- Goa highway, 120 km from Kolhapur, on SH-116 via Phonda,
140km from Belgaum on SH-121 via Amboli and 150 km from Goa on NH-17 via Sawantwadi.

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