Saturday, June 13, 2009

Microwave - Dos and Don'ts

Microwaves are seen everywhere in the recent days and all are buying it since it is a lot easier in the kitchen when the time is precious.
Some important things are to be noted down while you use Microwaves.
Do not keep one vessel on top of the other while cooking in a microwave, keep themside by side or do it one after the other.
Do not cook for a longer period, it will make the ingredients rubberish, hard  and tasteless.
Round shaped vessels are the best ones to be used in the microwave. The food will cookuniformly. If cooked in squarish vessels, the food will not get uniformly cooked in the corners and you will have to keep mixing the contents every now and then. Not only this will be tiresome, there is every chance that some of the food will get over cooked.
 Add salt to the dish after cooking in the microwave. If you add salt before cooking,  you will have to cook for a longer time to get the ingredients tender.
While cooking vegetables, sprinkle a little water else they will get dried up while cooking in its own juices.
Do not ever cook eggs with shell in the microwave. It will explode inside the Microwave. Do not even try and warm the hard boiled eggs with shells. If you have to warm the boiled eggs, remove the shells and then warm them.
When you warm or heat gravies keep the vessels only three fourths filled, it might boil over otherwise.

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