Sunday, July 19, 2009

Skin Care During Monsoon Time

Monsoon rains can bring havoc to our life, in the form of bacterial infections (Pyoderma), fungus infections, ring worm and athletes foot, Urticaria or the Hives, and photo allergy.
When you walk in the roads while it is raining, you expose you feet to the dirty water on the roads. Bacterial infections are very common on the feet. The manifest as various pyodermas and as infected eczemas.
As soon as you reach home you have to wash your legs and hands with clean water and an anti septic  like Dettol. Dry your legs with a towel particularly in between fingers and toes and keep them dry.
You should never neglect shoe bites and small wounds on your feet, that too particularly during the monsoon days. You are sure to get leptosphirosis as the open wounds will become the portals for infection.
Due to high humdity, you are sure to get excessive sweating and that might prove a reason for fungal problems in the skin folds like armpits, under the breast, groin etc, they  can bring on ringworms and other candidal infections. So always keep the area dry and use talcum powders to keep them dry.
Urticaria is due to allergies and so try to avoid things which might cause allergies to you. Mostly avoid sea food during monsoon if you can. High humidity can make sensitive skin break out in rashes so be careful and use moisturizers to avoid them.

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