Saturday, November 28, 2009

Diet for the Diabetics

If you are a diabetic the only thing you are expected to do is not to skip a meal. There is no particular diet for all the diabetics, it differs from person to person. There are some rules you have to follow.  I will try and give you as much I know about this.

Simple Rules for the Diabetic Diet
1. Split your food into six small meals instead of three large meals to which you have been used all the while. You neither have to fast nor have to feast, both are harmful to your health.
2. Reduce your fat intake to the minimum. Always remember, no oil is good in excess even if it is saffola or olive oil you are using.
The rule to follow is about 500 grams of oil per person. You can use oil but sparingly that you will not be able to feel the grease in the food. Remove the oil coating or floating over the dish and then have it.
Fish has lots of MUFA which will help you in lowering cholesterol levels but frying the fish will remove the benefit out of it.
Lean meat is Ok but do not go for red meat 

Restrict the so called health drinks and juices. Instead go for whole grains, fruits and unpolished food.Protein and fibre should be added to every mealyou take since they alter the glycaemic index of the meal
For Example:
Idli is a very good breakfast but if you take it with podi (Idli  Chilly powder ) with oil the blood sugar will rise at once. But if you take it with sambar and chutney you have protein in the shape of dals and fibre in the shape of vegetables, the glycaemic index is altered making the post paeandial sugars lower.  The selection of the food you take will give you the result you want.
Fruits are fine for a diabetic but the juice is not, since the juices don't have fiber. You have to eat fruits in between meal times and not just after the meals or while you have your meal.

Dine out with Diabetes
You can still dine out if you want to even if you are a diabetic. You can take smaller portions or share with your friend. Don't ever go to the restaurants alone if you are a diabetic. Take a friend with you and share the food.
Buffet meals are good if and only if you have a very good control of what you eat. You should be able to stop yourself with some of the dishes spread out, like phulkas, rotis, plain rice , dal , salad etc
Take a little of the rice and phulkas but take large amounts of vegetables  like salads and side dishes. Don't go in for gravies which have a coating of oil on top of it.

Work Out and Diet for Diabetics
Thirty minutes work out is essential in a day. Work out becomes necessary for the prevention of Cardio Vascular Problems. Start slow if you are doing it for the first time, or under the directions of the Doctor.
You can climb the staircase, brisk walk for half an hour. You can increase the intensity as you get fitter but strain yourself.

To conclude
Don't be a couch potato, keep walking for a short distance every hour, wherever you are at the office or at home. Being sedenrtary will not help you with anything.
Do not take irregular timings either for food or for workout. They might get you low glycaemic index if you do. So maintain your  routine always and live healthily.

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