Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Diet for the Diabetics -II

Being a diabetic is very difficult. The medicines or the insulin you take will not halp you if you do not follow your diet strictly. Diabeties makes you disciplined in life. You have to avoid sugar, high fat and cholesterol foods and high caloried foods should be avoided.

Vegetarian diet will be the best one to follow ifyou are a diabetic and that too, the South Indian vegetarian diet will be the best.
The south indian vegetarian diet has less oil comparatively. Idlis are steamed and cooked and consisits of Rice and Black gram Dal or the Urad dal, as it is called in hindi. It invariably contains fenugreek seeds also which is soaked and ground along with the black gram dhal. Fenugreek seeds are said to be very useful for the diabetic since it is said to control the glycaemic index.

Idlis, Dosas, Pongal, Uppuma, Idiappam are some of the dishes used for breakfast in south india. All these can be had by the Diabetics without any problems. Idiyappam is usually had with vegetable kuruma, which is a variety of mixed vegetable curry. Likewise Uppuma can also be made into vegetable uppuma by adding chopped vegetables while making ordinary uppuma and served with sambar and chutney  while Pongal is a mix of rice and green gram dhal,  like Kitchadis found in the northern parts of India.

With a little perseverence on their part and a little help from the others, a little patience and the correct positive attitude will help a Diabetic to achieve a correct diet. It is not very easy but being disciplined in life will help you achieve it.

Exercise, nutrition and the right amount of calories will make the patient feel that they have control over the disease and not viceversa. The vegetarian diet will always help you to achieve. I do not say that you should not touch meat. You can , may be once a week or so, take lean meat and fish curried. Avoid mutton and Beef altogether.  Be positive, nothing is impossible.

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