Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fenugreek Leaves and Seeds - a good thing in life

Fenugreek / Methi / Uluva / Venthayam are many names for the same thing Fenugreek leaves and seeds. These are actually God's gift or say Nature's gift to man.  Fenu greek is rich in minerals  and vitamins like  Potassium, Calcium, Iron,Vitamin C and Vitamin K and are known to contain lots of fibre needed for the man.

They are known to be very good for health, particularly for the people who are suffering from Diabetes, anaemia and others. The leaves are known to contain less calories, only 49 caloroies for about 100 grams of the fenugreek leaves. They have many other health benefits too. like clearing phlegm, alleviating the burning sensation in the palms of hands and soles of the foot etc.

You can use these leaves in cooking . There are many recipessimple basiuc ones like adding to cooking dal, kneading atta, just add to vegetables when you are frying them etc.  You can make Methi Raita, Methi saag, Venthayakeerai Poriyal and Venthaya Keerai Koottu  are Tamil Nadu dishes and many more.

You have to ensure that you clean the leaves well of dirt in the leaves. The leaves should be fresh and not wilted. The best time to buy methi leaves would be either in the morning or in the evening when new fresh ones come in the market. Just check out the timings these greens come to the shops in your area and get them at that time. The leaves should not be discoloured and that is the main point.  Dried leaves also have health benefits. They are known as Kasoori Methi and is available in the shops and supermarkets.

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