Saturday, January 30, 2010

How to recognize a Brain Stroke in an Individual.

Today I received an E mail telling me about the signs through which one can recognize Stroke. If a stroke patient can be recognized and treated with in three hours of the first stroke , he / she can be cured completely. Otherwise he / she may lose their life or get to a vegetable state.

How to recognize a stroke patient
The symptoms of s Brain Stroke are difficult to recognize if you do not know what to look for.
The first three letters STR of the word stroke will give you the hint you need.
S - Ask the person about whom you are in doubt to smile, which will be crooked and not normal
T - Ask him any simple question like how are you, see how he talks, it will not be coherent
R - Ask him to raise both the hands, which he will not be able to easily.

There is another easy step. Just ask him to put out his tongue. The tongue will be crooked or the tongue will just pull towards one side or the other. If he is not able to do it normally then the person might be heading for a Brain stroke.

Call the medical team and tell them what you found there. You just have to call the emergency services as soon as possible.You might have just ended up saving the person from danger.

Please those who go through this post, pass this on to your friends also. Let us try and recognize the disease and help out.

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