Friday, October 1, 2010

Babycorns and its Health Benefits

About Baby corn
Babycorn is a small cereal of wonder , tastes heavenly as well as comes with loads os nutrition. Baby corns are wholesome and are a versatile food which can blend with various spices, herbs and nuts.  Baby corn comes out delicious and tasty in any dish you try from any cuisine.This can also be used as a dressing for the salads, which then becomes a delicacy.Baby corns are a gold mine of nutrients and has the power to give you more than enough resistance aginst dideases and infections  as well as rejuvenating the body of the toxins.
Attributes of Baby corn
Baby corns are tender  and young fruits of  the maize plants which are plucked well before the harvest time before the fertilization of the corns.
Baby corns can be consumed either as  afresh vegetable or as frozen in cans as preserved. They are canned in a solution of 3% brine, 2% sugar and 0.3%citric acid.
The baby corns are about 10 cms long, 1 - 1.5 cms thick and about 7-8 grams in weight. the colour of the baby corns will be between creamish to light yellow and has a regulr row arrangement.
The ears of babycorn are used in pickles, and salads, which with their crunchy taste   makes the dish tasty, delicious, mouth watering as well as wholesome. This vegetable is eaten all over the world for the taste and nutrition it provides.

Nutrition in babycorns
Baby Corns are comparable to other vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, tomato, lady's fingersm spinach, french beans and brinjals.
They have 86- 100 grams of Phosphrous
is a low caloried vegetable
is low in Cholesterol
rich in fiber content
Free from the residual effect of the pesticides
is an organic food since the edible portion is covered by many layers and so protected from pesticides

Health benefits of baby corns
Corn is a rich source of many essential nutrients and fibre. A meal rich in corn can go a long way in protecting yourself against many diseases and ailments.
Baby Corns have complex carbohydrate which provides a steady stream of energy through out the day
It is a good source of soluble fibre and cooked Sweet corn is said to have anti oxidant which is supposed to prevent cancers and Heart diseases.

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