Friday, October 1, 2010

Foods to be avoided during Pregnancy

Some of the food items are better avoided during pregnancy, such as raw eggs, raw sea food, undercooked meats, unpasturized milk and street food  etc for the fear of infections and diseases it might get you. 
Processed foods have varieties of  preservatives  and artificial colours which are detrimental to the baby
Alcohol is a taboo,  not even a glass should be allowed or given to the pregnant mother or for that matter Lactating mother.

Tobacco and other  recreational drugs should be avoided  as they can cause physical, mental and emotional defects in the baby, can cause still births as well. 
As  an would be mother you would have to restrict your coffee  / tea intake, only 2- 3 cups  a day at the most. If you can make it light by adding milk it would be better.
Chocolates, need not be completely avoided but can be had in moderation.

Fish is  actually very good for a pregnant lady since they are full of Omega fatty acids but avoid shark, sword fish, king mackerel and tuna because of the large mercury content in them. 

The foods mentioned here can harm the baby's nervous system. You need not be alarmed if you had taken any of these and start thinking of an abortion, just stop taking them hereafter.

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