Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to create Simple, Easy but Messy hairstyles in few seconds

There are simple hairstyles which can be easily done  even if the hair is unwashed and tangly. You can be sure that it will not look  sloppy at all. Simple and messy hairstyles  are very easy to do  without it being sloppy looking.  If you are in a hurry and want to skip the shmpoo your hair badly needs, you can go in for this Loose Bun style.

If you have a long hair, it is very easy to try out a Loose Bun hairstyle. The Loose bun can be done without any proper brushing even.  For all you know, even unwashed tangly hair will work for this style.
Bend down with your hair in front and get hold of ll of your hair together and tie it up like a pony tail just below the top of your head. Secure the hair with a hair band.  Wrap the pony tail around the base of your hairband  till it forms a bun. Use hair pins to secure the bun to the base of the knot. 
You can leave it at that or just a pull a few of front hair to give you the unkempt, messy look.
If you have curly hair, you can have an easy natural style  which can be achieved with just washed or dry hair.  After you wash your hair, dry it up with a towel, until you get a just washed and dried  look with a little moisture. Yo can simply use your fingers to comb / run through to perk up the curls adding volume to your hair.  Don't use comb at this time and your hair will get limp. 
If yours is a dry curly hair, just run your fingers through or use a light mousse to perk up adding volume to your curls. Just bend down with your hair on to your front, comb lightly with a wide toothed comb  from the roots to the end. When you flip back your hair you will see the increased volume in your hair. You can leave it just like that to make it look unkempt and messy or just comb down the top to make it look neat.
You can wear a hair band / clip to fix your hair so that it looks bouncy on your back.

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