Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to keep the Refrigerator Clean?

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You have to keep the Refrigerator clean, neat and tidy for the refrigerator to work properly and follow the advice strictly.  First of all you have to divide the space available in the refrigerator in to different zones  for the items you want to store.  Juices, left overs, snacks, vegetables and other ingredients needed for preparing the meals  etc.  You have to make sure that ll your family members also know the space provided  and use them correctly to keep the refrigerator clean  at all times.

While deciding your special zones in the refrigerator make it a point to put in the things usually handled by your family members easily reachable and the place gets maintained. The items you need for cooking should be available easily for you. You should plan and execute accordingly.

Store Meats in the bottom shelf
While storing cooked meats  you have to keep them at the bottom shelf of the refrigerator to avoid contamination with other foods.  The door is the least cold area as it is the most exposed area and so do not store milk and eggs  on the door.
You can squarish or rectangular,  stack-able,  airtight containers  which can be  used for storing different kinds of food.  You will just need about 2-3 different sizes of containers. You will not be wasting space unnecessarily.

The next will be the first in first out law.  The food which goes first into the fridge should come out first  only then you can minimise the wastage.  If there are any leftover  which has been kept more than three days should be thrown out. You can do the clearing out before you leave for shopping for the week.  You have to make a note of all the things needed as well as the things to be used first in that week.  Discard the items which you cannot use.

Better to wash vegetables before you put them inside the refrigerator. You can cut up bigger sized vegetables  in to smaller pieces and store. It will not eat up the space then.
Arrange things as you need them and clear every week of the unwanted . The Refrigerator will be clean nd neat

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