Friday, June 22, 2007

Prematured Grey Hair

Yes the word "Grey Hair" depresses many and that too when it is prematured, there is no need to say anything about it.
Lack of care is the main point in getting grey hair.
If you take very good care of your hair, you are not likely to get any hair problems. I have gone through this problem myself and have been trying to tackle this for the past twenty five years. Now it is no more prematured but is salt & pepper time. But I have tried and once it shows it'll never vanish completely. So please take care of your hair nicely to avoid prematured greyness.

1. Apply oil liberally to your hair and scalp atleast once a week.
2. Massage it nicely with the cushions of your fingertips with circular motions and strokes without scratching your skin.
3. Take 2/3 towels, dip in hot water, squeeze out the extra water and tie around your head. Once it cools change towel. Repeat 3/4 times or till you feel the warmth all over the scalp.
4. Leave the hair tied up for half an hour more and then wash it off with a mild shampoo.
Take care of your hair this way and your hair will glow all by itself with health.

I'll give you the recipe of the hair oil to be used in case of greyness of Hair in the next post.

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