Sunday, March 29, 2009

Daily Care

We have to take care of our face daily to keep the skin of our face shining and glowing with health. It needs more attention because it has more oil glands especially the centre forehead, eye areas, nose and chin.

For that, one has to perform a brief morning care for facial skin and a longer regime in the night, before going to bed. Follow this to get a glowing, healthy and a blemish free skin.

You have to cleanse, tone and moisturize twice daily. Once in the morning after you get up and once in the night before going to sleep.

Morning care

Daily in the morning, while taking bath do not use harsh soaps for your face. Use either mild glycerin soaps or gentle and purifying face wash. Wash it off with cold water and blot out the excess water with the towel. Do not rub hard at your skin.

Apply cleansing milk to your face and using upward motions massage it in slightly. Clean with a piece of cotton wool or a wet sponge.

Apply either rose water or tonic on to your face to close the pores . You can also apply icecube for this purpose. If your skin is oily use astringent. Toning the skin helps you to clear the residual cleansing mik or lotions and hidden dirt.

Then, apply the moisturizer evenly onto your face. Now your face is ready for makeup.

Evening care

Start the same way by washing your face with face wash or a glycerin soap. Then take some scrub into your palm or a small bowl, add kasturi turmeric to it and mix well.

Apply nicely on to your face and scrub with soft, circular motions. Do not scrub hard. Just slightly is enough since you are doing it daily. Then wash it off with water . Apply rosewater and leave your face to breathe through the night.

What you are doing is to exfoiliate the dead cells of your skin by scrubbing it lightly. If your skin is very sensitive do this scrubbing twice or thrice a week.

If your skin seems very dry after scrubbing apply oil ( coconut oil or olive oil) to your face before scrubbing or apply moisturizer after scrubbing.

Under eye cream is a must in the night before you to sleep. Apply the cream liberally under the eyes and leave it till morning.

This sort of care daily will get you a clean, nice and healthy skin and you would not have to worry about your blemishes at all. You'll be blessed with a shiny and glowing face , with which you can be very proud of.

Always Remember, never go to bed with your makeup on. It'll clog the pores and prevents the skin from breathing . This will result in bad skin health and blemishes on the skin.

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