Friday, March 20, 2009

Nothing is impossible

Yes I can tell you that, nothing is impossible in this word. The word itself tells you that I'm Possible and that it is not impossible. Try to tell yourself and others like it you will understand what it means.

If you have to do something like going through the wall to get something, you have to go through it. The meaning is that if you have to go through the wall, it is not by breaking the wall or anything like that. It is just that you have to find a way to go past that wall, either over the wall, under the wall or through a hole in the wall. You just have to get past, that's all.

As we age and the years go by, memory becomes a very big problem. You cannot recall daily things like what you did yesterday, the names and the details of the friends you met recently etc. That's a very big handicap.

The only thing you can do here is to write them down, keep a small pad with you all the time. If you have anything to remember, jot that down immediately. This will help you considerably.

Failure should never be considered as an option at all. Don't ever quit thinking that you cannot do it, even before you give it a try at least once. Remember failure is always a step towards success. I have seen it and got over that sort of thinking. I could learn many things even at this age and continue to do so.

You should not only encourage yourself but also encourage others, only then we can see a better India. I hope so and I do hope that you all do too.

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