Saturday, September 25, 2010

Essentials or Must haves in a Handbag

Summer comes and goes, rains come and go  but we sometimes forghet what all we should have in handbags and what not. How to keep our handbags litterfree / clutter free.
 First think of all the things in your handbags, old bus or trin tickets, bills from the shops and supermarkets which we just push into our bags, as well as some sweets and snacks which we couldn't finish at that time, tissues old and the new which we stock "incase we need it later" and all such things.

Let us get a list of all the things that should be in an handbag.
Umbrella -  is the most important one come, wherther it is sun or rain we need that one, to take care of ourselves.  It is not easy to carry a raincoat expecting a thunderstorm on a sunny day.  Do away with those. you can ghet stylish, 3 fold, 4 fold umbrellas in the market which will fit into any handbag you fancy. So carry an umbrella with you, it is a must.

 Notepad and  pen - get a small notepad and a pen which sometimes you get with a pad , that will be very easy and worthwhile. You will need that to note down the " To Do list"  in the morning either to office or for shopping in the evening.  Even if some one gives you anaddress or a phone number when you don't have a mobile  with youthis note pad and pen will become necessary.

Deodrant - Smelling good and feeling good is everyone's prerogative. It is just as important as good hygiene. there are good deodrants ( may be a bit coastlier than the usual ones) which will stay through the day without your having to spray again. Buy them it will make a good buy than the ordinary ones. Particularly if you get wet apply them on before you go anywhere or meet anyone. You will need that and this is another essential equipment in a ladies Handbag.

Hand Sanitizer - Nowadays we just cannot ignore the necessity of Hand Sanitizers  with us wherever we go.  They become extremely necessary when you travel in the trains, suburban or long distance, bus transport, eat outside in Dhabas  while shopping etc. so always keep a pack ready with you.

Touch up kit - A kajal pencil, a lipstick, lip balm and a cream coloured foundation which you can use in case of emergency. A kajal or an eye pencil you will need along with a lip balm and a lipstick. That will be a daily routine before you leave the office for the day orelse youy will look washed out in the evening.

MP3 player or an i pod - you can have this  with you incase you have to travel daily for quite sometime  either to reach office or home. These are very small with the ear phones set. The ones which can be connected with the mobile will be the best ones to choose.

Book - If you are not the music listening type, you can have a book , a novel, science fiction or some serious reading if you like in your handbag so that you don't feel the time you spend in travelling a bore. You don't have to listen to the un wanted chatter around or indulge in o0ne yourself.

Scarf is a must, you might need one when you are travelling  either to keep your hair style in place or  for not getting wet in a little drizzle when you are traveling by the bus or train.

Low calorie snacks -  You can have a packet of biscuits or a chocolate  with you, incase you get late and feel hungry. Even peanuts, roasted  or chikkies / candies which are healthy can also be added to the biscuits and chocolates list.

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