Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hand Sanitizers in India

Hand sanitizers is a supplement or can also be an alternative at times,  to hand washing with soap and water, and  are available in gel, foam and liquid solutions. Hand sanitizers based on alcohol are more effective at killing bacteria than soap and water. They will also not dry out the skin very much and safer to use.

It is also said that hand sanitizers using ethanol work better against the common cold and other ordinary infections than washing hands with soap and water. In a study by the researchers  it is said that' a formula containing organic acids and ethanol resulted in residual activity that significantly reduced virus recovery from the hands and rhinovirus infection for up to 4 hours after application'.
These findings have been mentioned in the Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy.

In India at present there are two giants in the Hand Sanitizers market, Dettol and Lifebuoy. Since this is an aternative to soap and water  for maintaining hygiene  this has become a necessary in the view of too many infections. These products are available in gel, Spray and liquid and foam forms  they can be used directly on to the hand  and leave it just like that. This need not be washed away by water like soaps.

Godrej was the first to introduce this product in the Indian market, followed by Himalaya, Paras  in the year 2003 itself. Godrej's brand protekt is being exported and Pure hands by Himalaya is a herbal sanitizer.
This  product hand sanitizers are getting popular because of the consumer awareness forums  and the fear about hand hygiene coupled with the convenience. This product can be used anywhere and at anytime and this point makes it a very useful product for those  who are worried about maintaining the hygiene  and keep germ free.

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